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Thursday, 26th June 2008

"Meryl Romer embodies the resonant renaissance of the romantic singers of the 40's. Her sound has the voluptuous shape of Sarah Vaughan, the ease and elegance of Ella Fitzgerald and a heart-shuddering vibrato reminiscent of Judy Garland. She sings with a tempered tenderness of heart blown through the essence of maturity. When she wraps her velvet voice around the lyrical standards of jazz, there is an innuendo of innocence that yields a most sophisticated lady."
– Vocalist and Producer, Casey Collins

Thursday, 18th December 2008

"So Sure" picked as #1 jazz album for 2009 on by reviewer, Ms. Susan Frances

(On Meryl Romer’s Metropolitan Room engagement, NY Tour, Fall ‘09):
It's been a long time since I've heard such a luscious and soulful performance. Meryl took the house by storm! ~ Joe Franklin, Bloomberg Radio


It's been awhile since I sat down to update this here I go.....


This last year has been very rewarding.  I've had the opportunity to present my "Tribute To Nina Simone" show at Dazzle with Bill Kopper and the Erik Deutsch Band; and at the Metropolitan Room with Matt Vorzimer and his Band.  There is so much overflow of her music that I couldn't fit in those sets, so I have been adding them slowly to my more recent concerts.  I've enjoyed collaborating for gigs with Victor Mestas-Perez, Paul Cotugna, Eric Moon, Stephen Thurston, Justin Adams, Brad Upton, Eric Gunnison, Ron Bland, Aakash Mittal, and Josh Moore, Ed Breazeale, and others.  


On April 5th I will begin my first Friday of the month concert at Caffe Sole in Boulder and will continue this through the end of the year.  Joining me in April will be Doug Roche on piano.  I'm looking forward to playing with Eric Moon for the May gig where we will have a chance to refresh the tunes, original and cover from my CD, "So Sure".  Eric and Casey Collins collaborated to write the original tunes.  June will bring Carmen Sandim to the's been awhile since we've worked together, so I'm excited about this.  


I've been especially enjoying dipping into numerous Monk tunes and a handful of Motown...I expect there will be lots more of these.  

CD's are available on the music page through CD Baby, I-tunes and Amazon....thanks for visiting. EPK is available at